Peace and purpose.  For some reason, this is a very hot topic when you get around twenty-somethings.  We all are figuring out where to move, what to do, what adventure is next, and who we are going to experience it with.  It feels like this has been the week for talking about peace and purpose.  

I was sitting with a friend this afternoon and the topic inevitably wandered to peace and purpose.   A lot has changed in both of our lives over the past six months, and we were both trying to grapple with it on a drizzly Friday afternoon.  For my friend, it was about if this place was truly the place for her.  She is confused because of where she is in life, and if that is truly where she’s supposed to  be.  

So, I asked the question.  “When was the last time you encountered peace and clarity with life?”

Her answer: When she decided to go back to school.

And life seemed simple for that moment.  In college, a wise friend of mine revealed many quirky, but true phrases. “God doesn’t like to push a parked car” was one of them.  Another was “If you’re ever confused about where God is taking you, think back to the last time He made Himself perfectly clear.”   For B, it was the decision to get a Master’s.  

So I had to ask… when was mine?

Easy: The decision to move to Nashville last summer.  I remember that decision like it was yesterday – I looked at my savings, wondered if I could swing it financially, closed my eyes and stepped out.  Within a week, all of the details were worked out and I was living more cheaply there than I was here.  God was faithful. I was extremely vulnerable and, sure, the move was full of risk.  But, God is faithful.

it was a little reminder that I needed this afternoon. Obedience is rewarded.  Clarity comes for those who seek Him.  It is ok to be vulnerable with people and life situations. Life can get really confusing, and sometimes you just need some clarity.  

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