Music has, and always will remain, a huge part of my life. I cannot imagine walking through my day without my iPod or a good song stuck in my head. Friends always joke, especially this week, that songs are continually rolling though my head and out my mouth. Maybe its a good thing, maybe it’s a curse… I don’t know….

But, this is one of those moments where music bleeds all over my personal life. I firmly believe that I have a soundtrack for my life. There are about 5 or 6 songs that permanently remain on shuffle for specific seasons in my life, and then there are some songs that transition in and out.

For this reason, I’ve created a separate blog to share some of the songs that touch my heart. Some of them are light hearted and fun, some are deep and reflective. All are important. I just love sharing music with others, and I especially love when music connects people in a very real way.

So, check it out! It is I just posted about a Matthew West song that I’ve been living out over and over this week. Feel free to comment on some of the songs that are touching you and I’ll definitely listen to them!

And, in the meantime…. enjoy the picture that will remain on my desktop for a VERY long time ::smiling incessantly!::…

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