I’m a psychology major at heart. I love watching people find common bonds and see how one person relates to another. During many conversations, I can hear both the words that are said and visualize how the people communicate with each other by arrows and colors. Call me weird, but I’ve always been this way. I love social experiments – throw a few people in the room together and see if they like each other. My birthday party was somewhat like that. We merged 4 groups of people together at Mr. Smith’s, a piano bar in Georgetown. Everyone had a blast and I had an excuse to sing at the top of my lungs.

So, in the realm of social craziness and potentially awkward situations, I did the unthinkable…I signed up on Match.com for a free 3 day trial. I went on Match during my 4 years in BR simply because it was incredibly difficult to find guys that I would date. I’m not exaggerating. I figured I would spice life up a bit and went out on a bunch of dates with Match. All of the guys ended up with nicknames (girls, you know what that means.. they were horrible). I figured that Match didn’t work in BR because of the pool to choose from.

I decided to go back on Match for three days just because I heard so many others talk about it here in DC. I don’t really want to date someone off of an internet dating site, and I’m not looking to date lots of random men. But, what I found completely shocked me.

In 2 days of a “live online profile”:
*My profile was viewed 453 times and “favorited” 4 times
*I’ve been winked at by 53 men
*The average age… drumroll, please…..is 41. (yes, that is a big 4-1. I’m not kidding. I was appalled and really sad).
*By their emails, It was incredibly apparent that none of them really looked at my entire profile enough to start a decent conversation.
*I received 8 emails that only said “cute dimple”
*I received 1 email that said something derogatory about meeting me.

The free trial ends tomorrow and I don’t think I’m going to renew. At least it was interesting while it lasted! I’m just glad to rely on the good ol’ fashioned way of meeting guys.. striking up a conversation and seeing what they’re all about – in person.


  • Mandy says:

    Amen sister! Thanks for writing that I needed a good laugh tonight…(HEHE, 41, are you serious!?!) This paper is getting the most of me, but it will be finished for real tomorrow! Love yoU!

  • copper2gold says:

    I am so trying NOT to spit coffee on the computer right now from giggling… you’re right sweetheart! Amazing tho that so many of them are jerks in person too! lol If your average age is 13 yrs older, that would make mine…YIKES! Love you baby girl!!!

  • DCFab! Girl says:

    yea amy!

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