For anyone who takes the Metro to work, their iPod is their lifeline. Unfortunately, this
now flashes this on the screen

Needless to say… I am distraught.

I fixed it about a year ago when it did this the first time. I found a great web site that told me how to pop open the cover and tinker inside. I was elated when it started working again. In fact, I remember crying. Not that I’m attached to the iPod or anything…

But now, the iPod has a final resting place. I can’t bear to look at the screen anymore, with it’s sad face and caution symbol. After four years, I think it had a full life. So, I wanted to pose this question out to all of you:

1) Does anyone have great suggestions on how to fix it? Any words of wisdom?

2) If I do decide to get a new iPod, which one should I buy?


  • Becca says:


    I’m so sorry for your lost iPod! I would be so sad…especially if I had to walk to take the metro to work each day!

    I have no idea how to fix that sad face and exclamation mark thingy.

    My dad has an iPod touch…and that will be the next one I buy…It can do everything an iPhone can do…without the phone part. Seriously…

    Just my two cents. Maybe you can put it on your Christmas list!

  • Stephanie Y. says:

    That is the scariest face ever.

    Sorry about your ipod. Now you can just listen to the random music from other people’s ipods on the metro who consistently blow our their eardrums every day. That’s what I do! 😉

  • copper2gold says:

    Oh darlin girl… I’m so sad for you cuz I know how much you love that darn thing! Cuz I love the one you gave me too… if you want to use it you can, ya know. Cuz I love you MORE!

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