One of the main reasons for this blog is to maintain the community that I know and love and connect with those that I don’t see every day. After moving quite a bit over the past 10 years, I always find it more difficult to make sure and spend time relating the day’s events to people I care for. The blog is also an outlet for me to speak what is on my heart without other’s comments. It’s just a pure sense of me – the good, the bad, and the very ugly.

In the tradition of others’ “Thanksgiving posts,” it seemed appropriate for me to create my own. This is the first Thanksgiving that I haven’t been surrounded by family in 27 years and I miss you all terribly. But, distance shouldn’t stop us from sharing love. So, other than the many phone calls I’ll have today with you all, here is a list of things I’m incredibly grateful for.

1) My family (obvious, huh?) who has been there through thick and thin, good and bad. They’ve watched me fall, I’ve watched them fall, and we all seem to help each other stand on our own two feet again. I’m loved so much that they can let go and know that I’ll be fine.

2) My friends whom I have laughed and cried with throughout some really fun and difficult circumstances. Nae and Eeka, who taught me the beauty of being a godly woman with all of it’s ups, downs and inbetweens. (haha..I’m thankful for Nae who poisoned me with peanut butter the first time I met her, unexplainably creating one of the strongest friendships I’ll ever know – remember that?). Amanda, who is one of the biggest encouragers I know. For friends who I’m eternally tied to just by the way God created us – ahem, Mandy. For the most recent friends, S and Em, who have taught me how to break out of my shell and realize the full potential that lies within each of us. And friends that I miss dearly and just want to go run with – Anna… we NEED to plan a time to see each other!

3) For the iPod for dying on me to show humility and that I don’t get everything I want. (I HAD to put in something material!)

4) For God’s incredible and unexplainable provision over the past year – and a job that amazes me every day.

5) To live in a country founded on freedom, integrity, and principle.

6) That I didn’t completely lose all of my music trying to clean out my Macbook (I had a small panic attack about that last night…)

7) The ability to take risks, to find the rewards, and be able to not succeed but learn by trying.

8) REALLY good coffee from M.E. Swings – the main thing that has kept me going over the past few months.

9) The fact that I didn’t completely butcher the sweet potato casserole! (Amazing, isn’t it?)

10) Facebook – It has kept me connected to people that I, unfortunately, haven’t called since I left Baton Rouge. I feel really guilty about it, too.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so incredibly thankful for you!


  • Slim Jim says:

    you make me cry. It is so great seeing you grow into a woman of wisdom and faith. We miss you terribly but are glad you keep in touch.

  • mandytram says:

    We are blessed to have you!!! I hope DC knows what they’ve got. Hmmmm …. how can I send a message to a district???

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