Last night, our small group had a mixer with another 2 small groups at Frontline (Again, have I mentioned how much I love these girls?? Absolutely love ’em). During one of the icebreaker activities, we were instructed to read questions to our smaller group of participants and answer them. Some of the questions were “what is your favorite candy?” or “Are you a morning person or night owl?” During one of our q & a sessions, one of the guys said “enough about these stupid questions, let’s make up our own.” Then, he promptly asks: “What is your passion in life?”

For some reason, the thought took me by surprise. What was my passion? Do I have just one or are there many?

Let’s just say that these questions have been circling around my head the past 12 hours. How do I define myself? How do others see me? Am I following my passion in life? All of these questions are enough to make this head spin a bit.

So, I’m planning on taking some time and reflecting on these deeper insights. We’ll see what comes out of it, but I’m sure that it will include a new blog design and possibly a new Web site (I’ve been dying to really dig into Web and graphic design). The next post this weekend will have a few polls, so get your thinking caps on and help me decide on a few designs/ideas/thoughts/musings!


  • annaelyse says:

    i LOVE questions like that. another fave is your dream job. like what would you do if you could do ANYTHING. it’s def got me thinking. grad school in the future? who knows. love you girl!!!

  • Amanda says:

    Oh my, don’t come to me for creative advice! But, I love the questions you are asking. I’m realizing it’s important to ask yourself these questions every so often and re-evaluate where you are. Maybe, it’s time I did the same!

  • jason1365 says:

    Let’s hear it. It is such an important question to have an answer. You can then align your life with passion at all times.

  • Josh says:

    what a freakin question. i’m totally interested in your answer. I’ve found i’m actually quite passionate about other people’s passions, among other things 🙂

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