Finally, right? Finally she updates her blog. Let’s just say the last few weeks have been an incredible ride so far. I just haven’t had a chance to update.

A few weeks ago I finally got the chance to sit down and journal. I typically go through a journal a year, but I’m slowly working through this one. DC life tripled my normal pace and I’ve been trying to keep up. So, I sat down one Sat morning at a Sbux and wrote:

“It has been a rough week. Just one of those weeks that has made me question why I’m here, what God is doing, and if there’s really a hope and a future in DC. I feel like all the creativity in me is sucked dry. So, I’m taking some breathing space to rediscover my passions – the things that make me tick:

*Lattes – specifically skinny gingerbread lattes WITH whipped cream during Christmas
*Great handwriting
*Clean lines
*Worshiping to a God I want to desperately seek with people I don’t know
*Relationships that are strong, vibrant and productive
*Smart ways for people to give back to the community, earth, etc.
*African babies who need love
*People with bright and brilliant eye colors
*Embracing the many complexities of me
*High impact, high energy
*Fleur de lis
*Romantic wistful graphic designs
*Yogi tea
*Music that is thoughtful and frees your soul
*Intricate fashion designs coupled with strong fabrics and colors
*Yoga and yoga pants
*The cleansing power of water
*Wine and it’s ability to bring people together
*Strength in weakness
*Being purposeful with your words
*Photography that allows you to enter into the shot and wonder what is happening
*The tension of order vs chaos
*Spontaneity in the midst of routine
*Singer/songwriters who put their all into their music to create more than a catchy hook
*People watching
*Intelligent and genuine conversation
*The hard work ethic and wide open wheat fields of ks
*Classic pop culture icons
*Sensible and rational choices
*Being observant in the every day life to learn lessons that I otherwise may have never seen
*The “alive” factor of God’s Word and how it affects people differently
*Songs that transport me back to a certain place and time
*Jackets, scarves, and handbags with lots of pockets and great liners
*Deep earthy tones in tiles and back splashes
*Comfy sheets and fleece jackets
*Reaching new audiences with a message through new forms of communication
*Cooking with wine and trying new recipes I know I’m going to screw up.
*Growth: plants and people.”

This seems to be a very random list, but it’s a great start to rediscovery.

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