Well, folks.. its about time for a long overdue update on the life of Amy. I feel like the summer has been an absolute blur of changes, learning, frustrations, joyful times, headaches, and the good ol’ DC heat, humidity, and tourists. I’ll see if I can break most of it down for you.

For starters, I started May with preparations for ICFJ‘s bi-annual board meeting and cultivation dinner in NY. It took up a lot of my time, but the results were worth every moment. At the same time, Dave was moving out of his condo in B-town (and no, I don’t mean Boston or Bethesda) in the hopes that his condo in the heart of DC would be finished. Construction delays ensued and voila… he was “homeless” as of May 31.

On top of all of this, we had 7 or 8 visitors in 6 weeks. Of course, my favorite was Nae’s visit to the Capitol. It is amazing how heart friends just mesh as if no time has passed when they get together. We had an absolutely wonderful time. Since she wrote about it here and here, I’ll spare you the details. She’s a better writer anyway.

The visitors and “homelessness” carried through June, but work took centerstage as we had many programs and events. We had an amazing reception at the Newseum to announce the Knight International Journalism Award winners and Founders Award winner Seymour Hersh (The New Yorker) I absolutely loved the view and some of my favorite people were there(L: Sarah Marshall, Gary Fabiano and me).

July began with fireworks, literally. The Fourth of July is always special in the nation’s capitol. Where else can you see firework displays like this one?

Let’s just say that I’m not divulging where we watched the show, but we will be going back there next year with a full day’s picnic, and y’all are welcome to join. I wish we could have these seats, though…the Obamas always get the best stuff! If you look closely, you can see them on the roof of the capitol.

The rest of July and the beginning of August was a blur. I started getting massive headaches each day and never knew the cause of them. Then, my wisdom teeth started to hurt. Mind you, I haven’t been to the dentist in over 5 years, so I was n-e-r-v-o-u-s. Super scared. Of course, they told me I had to have them taken out and the first time they could schedule an appointment was early August. It was a painful 3-4 weeks, but well worth it in the end.

Ironically, Dave ordered his new Canon 5D Mark II camera and it arrived a few days before my surgery. For those who don’t know, the camera is the newest in Canon’s line and actually takes HD video. He bought it for the weddings he will shoot this summer. Of course, who could resist taking pictures and video of a chubby cheeked drugged up girl? Yeah, I’m sure there is footage floating around somewhere, but I haven’t seen it yet. And no, you won’t either 🙂 However, you can check out his other photography here and here.

In the midst of that, Dave finally moved! They finally finished his condo mid-July and he closed at the 11th hour. He’s settled and finally feels like he has a home, which is a huge relief.

So to recap, in 3 months, there have been 8 visitors, 4 wisdom teeth removed, 2 amazing concerts (Jason Mraz and Paolo Nutini), 2 major work events, and one new home for the bf. Oh, and one incredibly happy Amy that has no more headaches!

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