Around the office, we are fans of Yogi Tea. Specifically, Yogi’s Breathe Deep tea. One week, we decided to do some research in how to ship this tea in bulk to our office. I had the chance to look around the Web site and I was impressed with their branding. Their message is clear and concise. Their Web site and logo is true to their mission. It is a textbook example of how to effectively market their material online.

Once we received our bulk tea order (and effectively saving our productivity and sanity), I tried to find Yogi Tea on various social media accounts. Maybe they are on Facebook? No luck. Twitter? Nope. What? With an amazing brand, quality products, and a well-conceived Web site and messaging, social media seemed to be a natural extension of their marketing and public relations.
So, Yogi Tea executives: if you would like a social media plan, I have a few ideas for you! For the rest of my readers, what are other companies whose social media strategies fall short?

You can following my Twitter hashtag #YogiTea for the Tea Time Sayings of the Day, taken from that day’s Yogi tea bag tag. I must say, they are very insightful!

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