I really do feel like Charlie Bucket, the poor young kid who stumbles upon the last golden ticket from Willy Wonka. I got an amazing surprise on Mon. morning that I never imagined would happen…


This is a magical ticket for all who know how insane the American Idol auditions can be.  With more than 24,000 people auditioning in the last two cities, anything you can do to get an edge is good. What does this Golden Ticket mean? It means that I don’t have to drive to NJ and back on Sun. to register for auditions and I skip the line when I get there to sing my heart out on Tues.

I know. I’m a lucky girl.

A lucky girl with a very kind and thoughtful friend, Melissa. She received the honor when she won her show at Disneyworld’s American Idol Experience. Remember when I did the same thing during my vacation? Well, she actually wasn’t outvoted by a 15 year-old. She was set to try out in New Orleans, LA this week until her husband was hospitalized for kidney stones the day of the audition.  I received the news early Mon. morning and absolutely flipped.

“WHAT?!?! You’re kidding me?!?! I get to SKIP THE LINE?!?!?!” You can also imagine a large stream of squeals and laughter.

So, follow my Golden Ticket experience on Tues. as I live tweet from @amylizmartin with the hashtag #americanidol2010.  Here’s to living the dream!

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