Less than one week into the new year, I realize one very critical lesson:

I need thicker skin.

I was planning on writing this lengthy blog post about my new year’s resolutions (or the resolution not to have resolutions, but to have goals and aspirations), what new rules I wanted to live life by, and the challenges I would tackle in the start of a new decade.

Forget that… let’s just talk about the one recurring theme in Amy Liz land: the need to not take things personally.

I’ve talked many times how I need to work on this and, because I’ve discussed it so much, I get so frustrated that I’m not farther along. The beauty of it all is that finessing life is a journey, not a to-do list.

So instead of focusing on what needs to change, I’m going to focus on what character, personality and lifestyle traits I can enhance (even if some of them are in progress):

  1. I will pursue God wholeheartedly and seek Him in all things (from the big picture vision to the small daily grumblings, He will set my course)
  2. I will take time to meditate, be silent and listen to what He’s saying.
  3. I will not allow others to tell me who I am and who I am not. ( while I will always take advice at face value, I will not take it as deeply and personally as I have in the past, always allowing it to build me up or break me down, depending on someone else’s mood).
  4. I will be present. While it may not seem obvious, I tend to be in five places at once, sometimes allowing my iPhone to dictate
  5. I will cherish those who encourage, enlighten and inspire – and try to do the same for them
  6. I will forgive myself, and continue to forgive myself over and over, for the little things I hold over my head.
  7. I will not allow myself to feel incredibly behind the curve in anything I do.
  8. Instead of procrastinating, I will forge ahead and see what I can accomplish in spite of adversity
  9. I will not allow comfortable situations/feelings lull me into complacency – I will always challenge, ask questions and look for innovation.
  10. I will not allow my hands to get the best of me, whether it is my emotion
  11. I will be confident that I know what I’m doing, even when it seems like I don’t know what to do.

And, while this isn’t a resolution list, I will still keep the “must travel and explore a new location” and “must check at least one thing off the bucket list” resolutions. Why? Because, let’s face it: I had a stellar year of firsts as I:

Oh, and I met some of the most amazing professionals through social media. Yeah.. you know who you are!!!

So, I’d like to make a toast to a 2011 of fun, laughter, love and thicker skin.  Cheers!

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