Woah… its been a while, right? As a social media person, you would think I would update my blog at least once a week with relevant information. I mean, you have to keep readers engaged, right? (Although, I admit that I’ve used the past nine months to hide behind Seth Godin’s comment to “not publish unless it’s good”… at least that is what I’m saying as I struggle to type words for this post). Here is what I’ve been up to since January:

  • Made the decision to go back to non-profit: After a very productive time at a non-profit serving Native American educators and students,  I found a new home at  an organization that is the nation’s only and largest private funder of research on gambling disorders. More on the switch in a later post.
  • Learned more about office IT systems and website redesigns than I ever thought I would know.
  • Bounced back from an injury from small little fall when trying to dodge a tourist on a run.
  • Decided to actually take my fitness to the next level…and started working with Grant Hill of MyBootcamp. More on that in a later post too…
  • Reconnected with some incredible friends and met some new ones, who have inspired me to pick back up the pen and journal, or the keyboard and iMac, for the blog.
  • Traveled quite a bit for work, but didn’t have the time off to travel to see family or friends as much as I’d like.
  • Fell more in love with a wonderful man and cheered him on as he continues to reach his goals
  • Started to find my voice again…
  • Hosted my mother for a week and helping her to explore this great city.
  • Celebrated the engagements of my brother and his fiancé, my best friend and the love of her life and a couple who happen to be our favorite people in Seattle.
  • Finally had the opportunity to get the camera out and shoot again
  • Struggled to find that perfect work/life balance….and the struggle continues.
Quite a bit has happened, but I feel like the last nine months have steadily laid a foundation for the remainder of the year. There is so much coming up: a huge work event in Las Vegas, a highly-anticipated and much needed vacation in Napa, my 30th birthday, a delightful change from summer to fall and possibly starting a new big project involving both the blog and more writing (stay tuned for that!).
So, thanks to all five readers who have stuck around…more to come!


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