This excerpt was taken from Volume 1 of Amy’s new newsletter, Unscripted.

Hi friends, family and fellows living in this crazy time in the world. I’m delighted to send you Unscripted, a newsletter that looks at the more unplanned moments of life to ask deeper questions and discover answers that might surprise us. 

Over the past two years, I’ve made my own pivot from communications exec and ghostwriter extraordinaire to follow one central longing: wanting my own voice to be heard. Telling my own story, with all of it’s pitfalls and very unflattering moments. I spent decades helping the C-suite, executives, and press teams tell incredible stories of impact with buttoned-up key message points that drove business forward. It was my safe zone, but it was never where the good stories emerged. I craved deep conversations where I could make myself and my discussion partner pause and really think about what’s true, what matters most. 

We grow the most when life is unscripted. When we have to sit still and figure out our next right move in a world of uncertainty. And if there’s anything we’ve learned over the past two years, it’s that nothing is certain. 

Those unscripted moments are often the most eye-opening and (maybe only in hindsight) the most funny. They help us ask the deeper questions and discover truer answers. They help us connect in authentic ways, and if there’s anything we need more than ever is honest conversations.

Now, I can guess what you’re thinking. Not another newsletter, am I right? I get it, and here’s the thing: I’m so excited to be in your inbox on a bi-monthly cadence, sharing insights, musings, and great conversations around parenthood, current culture, and the discussion topics we all can wade a little deeper into.  I’ll post some of the deep conversations I’m watching of others I admire, and share some things that made me laugh along the way. 

Above all, I can’t wait to connect with you on these topics and hear your point of view. If you like what you read, please share with a friend! Let’s shed our talking points and get Unscripted.

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