Moms: we all know them. Most of us have one of our own. When it comes to finding a perfect holiday gift that decks the halls but doesn’t offend, I’ve got you covered with some ideas for the most exhausted moms in your bunch. 

Experiential Gifts

A day on the town: The most important element in shopping for her is planning. If it’s the thought that counts, but some thought into it! Demonstrating that you care enough to plan ahead is a gift in and of itself. For an experiential gift with lots of care and thought included, maybe plan a day for her. Make a reservation for lunch, book her a massage, and a date with a friend to shop at a holiday market. Tell her you’ll handle bath time and bed time, and set her up to galavant for a full six hours without hearing “MOOOOM” shouted at her from goldfish-laden lips. 

A cleaning service: While it’s a colossal faux pas to buy an already-overworked mom in your life cleaning supplies or tools (unless she specifically asks for them), consider scheduling a cleaning service. I’d recommend limiting this to only very close friends or family so as to not offend, but having a sparkly clean home without lifting a finger is a godsend with little ones to care for. 

Material Gifts

For more materialistic ideas (assuming she hasn’t given you ideas already!), here are some sure-to-be hits:

Satin Pillowcases from Avocado, $77/piece

Help her get some well-deserved (and much-needed) rest with these silk pillowcases, which are Certified Climate Neutral and great for her skin and hair. At $77 per pillowcase, they’re a worthwhile splurge. Just be sure to order the correct size for your pillows – standard versus king size. 

Coffee Subscription Service from Driftaway, $117 for six months

For moms like me who adore caffeine, a coffee subscription service is the perfect gift to remind her you care month over month. Driftaway offers 3, 6, and 12 month plans, and lots of different coffees to choose from (I personally prefer drip coffee with ground beans). 

Gift Card to a Local Bookstore, Cost Varies

I know what you’re thinking, what tired mom has time for light reading? Even the most exhausted of us have to make time for self care. Combine a reading opportunity with a chance to support a local business, and we just found a great excuse to get out of the house during daycare. Bookshop is a great way to find local stores near you. I’m partial to Queen Anne Book Co, Elliott Bay Bookstore and Books are Magic

A Stress-Relieving Knot Pillow, Starting at $29 from Bearaby

A 2022 take on stress balls, the knot pillow is a stylish way to relieve tension throughout the day, of which, for most moms, there is plenty. These pillows are sustainably made, stylish, and biodegradable.  

A Mommy and Me Beanie Set, $145 from ShitThatIKnit

I’ll admit this hand-knit set costs a pretty penny, but how cute are those teddy bear ears? There are surely less-expensive options on the market as well. A Mommy and Me set is perfect for those with newborns who just want ONE cute holiday photo this year (wink wink). 

Existential Gifts

A donation to a cause close to her heart: What’s the best gift we can give all overworked American mamas this year? Paid parental leave. The US is the only wealthy country in the world without national paid parental leave. If advocacy is an interest of hers, consider donating to Paid Leave for All, the national campaign of organizations fighting to win paid family and medical leave for all working people (which is backed by Meghan Markle!). 

When all else fails, a seasonal candle is a hit. I love the seasonal collection from Bailey Bee, a woman-owned small business based out of North Carolina. I’m also a fan of Lit Candle Supply – my team and clients know that they’re getting either the Good Things are Coming or the You’re doing F***ing Great candle. My personal fave is the You’re a Bad*** Mother because, let’s face it, we all need reminders. 

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