After working at a florist for four years during high school, I learned one everlasting truth. The two days of the year every grocery store floral section is sure to be complete chaos: Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. 

Flowers are nice – there are years that I’ve given flowers because there’s not much that the moms in my life truly want. Scratch that – they did want some particular things, but in true “mom” fashion, I heard “I only want a card and a hug” when asked if there were any presents they’d enjoy.  There are many years, especially this one, where I’ll send the card much too late because I’ve tried to cajole Brendan for a week into writing his name. 

Let’s face it: this holiday can be complicated at best, whether you have a mom earthside or beyond, want to be a mom, are a mom, or are a motherly figure in someone else’s life. That pretty much covers everyone.

Instead of figuring out which bouquet to send, offer up a few encouraging words instead.  A call, even a text, can go a long way for all the moms in your life. See my formulas below for the best kinds of texts to send (and receive) to help a special mama feel seen:

For your mom:

Intro + gratitude + a happy memory + wishes for the day

What this looks like:

Hey Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for raising me to be kind (and for introducing me to cinnamon rolls). I loved the day we baked those together. Hope you feel special and loved today, because you are!  

For family members who are moms, or like a mom to you:

Intro + gratitude + one quality you admire + wishes for the day

What this looks like:

Hey Aunt Gina! Happy Mother’s Day. Growing up, I always loved how intensely you played with us. You’re so much fun to be around! I hope you can get some R&R this afternoon. Much love! 

For your mom friends:

Intro + specific admirable quality + compliment on their kids + wishes for the day

What this looks like:

Hey girl! Happy Mother’s Day. I was thinking about what a great mama you are – especially when it comes to showing your kids emotional regulation. Those two are so well-adjusted, you’re clearly doing an amazing job. Hope you have a great day celebrating your hard work. 

For those who are grieving their moms:

Intro + acknowledgement of their mom + specific notes on how you will support + love

What this looks like:

Hey there – I just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you this weekend. I’m here for you and will be there if you need a hug/cry/laugh/dance fest. Sending so much love. 

No matter who you’re sending sweet texts to this Mother’s Day, remember: you’re not responsible for making all the magic happen. If your husband forgot the date and didn’t prepare a card or gift for his mom, that’s not on you. You need to spend tomorrow celebrating all of your accomplishments and hard work – and not serving as a supporting character to other people’s relationships.

I hope you feel celebrated tomorrow and every day. Motherhood: hard work, bad pay, but a rewarding, beautiful slice of life. XOXO. 

The featured image used in this article is by Kevin Turcios.

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