Meet Amy

Amy is a communications and marketing professional who loves using strategic messaging and digital tools to connect and engage new audiences. Her goal is to create two-way conversations that organically encourage her audiences to speak up and become involved, while adding some great laughs along the way.

Her work centers on public relations campaigns, allowing people to engage with various brands and issues in public health, science and education. She is just as comfortable pitching stories to journalists and bloggers as he is in crafting messages for large companies. She also offers a range of trainings on digital communications tools, social media strategy and campaign implementation. She also has a passionate curiosity for global health and development.

Amy lives and works in Seattle, Wash., often traveling to meet the needs of clients around the country. Other titles that I hold include wife, new mom, dog mom, swimmer, runner, adventurer, singer, and badass. (Just kidding… sort of.)

Current and Past Clients:


U.S.-Department-of-EducationConsultant to the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars and the U.S. Department of Education (2010) – Amy designed and implemented a strategic public relations campaigns utilizing both traditional and social media outreach for the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program with presidential administration-appointed advisory committee.



Professional Experience:


Weber_Shandwick_Engaging_Always_Logo Group Manager for Weber Shandwick Seattle’s Social Impact Practice (2014-2015) – Amy led account teams to develop integrated marketing plans, message development and digital strategy for large non-profit foundations, local businesses and tech startups.


NCRG profile pictureDirector of Communications and Outreach for the National Center for Responsible Gaming (2011 – 2014) – Amy developed partnerships, drove digital marketing plan and communications strategies for an organization that funds research on gambling addiction and provides education and resources for the public on how to address the issue.





Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 7.04.45 AMDirector of Communications for the National Indian Education Association (2010-2011) – Amy restructured the strategic communications plan for the organization to drive their advocacy agenda for improving the lives and education of Native Americans, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians.


ICFJ logoInternational Center for Journalists (2008-2010), a non-profit, professional organization, promotes quality journalism worldwide in the belief that independent, vigorous media are crucial in improving the human condition. She served as a communications liaison for ICFJ’s Board of Directors, directed a bi-annual photo auction fundraiser, wrote and designed all forms of donor communications and crafted talking points for the president of the organization.


Master’s degree in Mass Communication, Public Relations from Louisiana State University (2006-2008) – Her thesis work centered on the (PRODUCT) RED campaign’s effectiveness on from the perspectives of the project organizers and affiliated companies. She examined the interplay between PR and marketing strategies at a time when corporate social responsibility was coming to the forefront of business.


Publicity Internship at EMI CMG Label Group (2007) –  At EMI CMG, she initiated a social media publicity campaign for Mandisa, a previous American Idol contest that generated over one million online media impressions and 30,000 unique site visits.


Metro Development Representative for the American Cancer Society in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (2005-2007) – She orchestrated large scale fund-raising events and led media trainings for her volunteers, as well as developed crisis communications plans that led in post-Katrina outreach.


Organizational Memberships and Volunteer Efforts:

Personal Fun Stuff

Amy lives in Seattle, Wash., with her husband Dave (aka “D), the scientist/photographer and their puppy, Cosmo. For more on their adventures, Amy’s musings and inspiration, you should read these blog posts.

Legal mumbo-jumbo:
The thoughts, opinions, assertions, assumptions and rambling on this Web site are those of Amy Kugler and not those of her employer, friends, family or other acquaintances. This blog and it’s contents will only provide insight into public relations at the time of publication. Amy reserves the right to change her mind, flip-flop and otherwise alter her opinions. So there.