Telling a new story about gender equity.

There is no better platform to share your opinions and insights than Forbes. With the right story, a conversation that you start as a contributor at Forbes can spark a fire.

To share The Riveter’s mission and vision for the future of work, we were able to secure a coveted contributor column on Forbes Women for Amy Nelson. A mix of ghostwriting and editing let me be a part of some incredible articles, addressing timely topics related to #MeToo, feminism, equality, and intersectionality. These articles stood out against the noise and allowed us to share a new perspective.


  • Thought leadership
  • Storytelling and editing
  • Publishing
  • Media Relations

The Results

Going Viral + Earning Coverage

“The Myth of CEO Work-Life Balance” hit a nerve and went viral with more than a half-million views and growing. “A Female Founders Take on the Tears of Elon Musk” also gave us leverage to get coverage on Cheddar, CNBC, USA Today, and more.

Amplifying Female Voices

Forbes Women was a unique platform to highlight emerging female founders who were building incredible businesses. We were lucky to profile Ellen Bennett of Hedley & Bennett and cover women leadership, like Starbucks’s Rosalind Brewer, who are fighting for pay equity.

“Equal pay is not a woman’s issue, but rather one that impacts all of us. Major companies are going public with their efforts and data around equal pay, helping push toward change.”

Amy Nelson"Refusing to Wait 100 Years: Corporate America Working on the Gender Pay Gap"