I think that yesterday was one of the most fun days I’ve had in a long time. Yes, it had to involve Disney’s Magic Kingdom, but there is nothing like taking you 5 year-old nephew to DisneyWorld for the first time.

So the fam is in Disney. My nephew, C, isn’t really a Disney fan, but we’re here as a family vacation. I desperately needed vacation, I think the rest of my family did too. What is amazing about our family outings is that everything always seems to fall into place. We got in early for our character lunch reservation. The family received a day fast-pass that got is directly on rides. We bypassed most of the crowd to get a prime spot for the fireworks. Every time we decide to do vacation, things just seem to work out seamlessly.

It was all worth it to see C’s face as we entered the Kingdom on Main Street. As we walked through the main gates, he sees this large show going on right in front of Cinderella’s castle. He looks at me and says “Aunt Amy, I can’t see.” Well, what was I supposed to do? Deny him an amazing Disney experience? Heck no… I picked him up and lifted him as high as I could. The look on his face was priceless.. jaw dropped, eyes transfixed, huge smile. He saw Mickey. And Nana T got it all on video.

What is amazing to me about this place is that the Magic never dies. For C, it was seeing Mickey the first time. Plus, he was a trooper yesterday riding Big Thunder Mountain, his first major roller-coaster. He freaked out at the ghosts in Haunted Mansion, and loved Buzz Lightyear and how they made all the toys come to life. He stood on his chair and was ecstatic when Pooh and Tigger came over to see him during lunch. It was magical.

For me, it was Tinkerbell. I remember the first time I saw Tink and the fireworks. Dad and I jetted over really quick to ride some extra rides when I was 11. Grandma paid for the entire family to come and stay at Disney for a week, so Dad and I didn’t get to ride most of the rides we wanted to. We sprinted in the main gates and booked it through Main Street until, all of a sudden, I stopped. Dad looked back and saw me staring at the castle, and then glanced back to see what I was looking at. At that moment, the castle glittered and Tinkerbell flew from the Castle to a point in tomorrow land. He said I had the same look on my face that C had on his face last night – in awe, wonder, amazement. All of a sudden, the magic was real. Tink could fly, and I could do anything.

Fast forward about 15 years, and we’re back. Dad, me, a new group of people and experiences, waiting on fireworks again. Ry picked a good place to sit, and we all went to grab some dinner. Once the lights dimmed in the park, the castle lit up. As I’m looking through my camera, struggling to understand the “night snapshot” feature, I see something twinkle from the highest point at the castle. That twinkling became brighter as I dropped my camera and realized that Tinkerbell was flying overhead, right above us. I felt like I was 11 again. The magic never gets old. It took my breath away and put tears in my eyes.

As we’re leaving, dad was asking C what he thought of the fireworks. C looks at him and says “Man, that Tinkerbell is one brave lady!” Priceless.

Off to see Animal Kingdom!

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