I got on the Metro today, just like any other day, and grabbed my spot near the door. iPod in my ears, Blackberry in my hand, large purse on my shoulder and the day running around my head. I was spent and tired, fulfilled, yet exhausted. When I ride on the Metro, I usually close my eyes and hold on. I don’t know why, but I do. When I opened my eyes, I was reminded by one simple truth…

…I still have Africa on my mind.

It all started in January 2007, for some unknown reason. All I came to see was Africa. Africa on tv. African countries in the (Product) RED campaign that I studied for my Master’s thesis. Heck, when Compassion International sent me children to sponsor, they were always from Africa. Everyone seemed to be going to Africa for one reason or another. My friend Mandy has been a few times, my other friend Mandy was leading a team that summer.

And the senitment didn’t fade, either. When I couldn’t figure out what to do for an internship last summer, I was ready to pack my bags and move to Africa for a short term trip. Where? I didn’t know. Why? Because I loved them and wanted to know the people. How? Only God knew… I had no clue.

Of course, that didn’t happen. I planned on going to Rwanda and Uganda this summer with friends from church, and that trip fell through as well because of my move to DC. I was really disappointed because it was like I was always saying yes, and God was always saying no. I really had to struggle with that because I’ve never been so willing and had the doors close.

Well, Africa was buried as I moved to DC…kind of out of sight, out of mind. I hadn’t thought about it until the last month. I met some amazing Rwandans in the airport coming back home on Sunday. I work at a center for media professionals around the world and frequently talk about Africa and health alerts. I have friends who work in other non-profits focusing specifically on Africa. But the final kicker today was to watch this mother and her young son on the Metro. They were from Uganda. His head rested upon her shoulder as he slept. My heart melted.

Who knows what this means, but I hope it has something to do with a new passport stamp and an amazing experience.

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