One thing I love about living where I do now is that i can see the seasons change. The past two weeks have been wonderful as the weather became a bit cooler, allowing the first leaves to fall and rustle around outside my front door. We have had absolutely beautiful weather, but the temperature change in the mornings made me come to a stark realization:

I need winter clothes!

I haven’t needed a heavier coat or more sweaters for four years. I’ve lived in the South so long that I forgot what cooler weather felt like and replaced most of my wardrobe. There is a list of “needs” and not “wants,” which is unusual for me. Plus, I am a thrifty shopper – bordering on incredibly stingy at times. I never buy things unless they are on sale, and I usually don’t buy all of what I need. Given our current economical crisis, I should applaud this trait. However, walking out my door and being incredibly cold because I never bought that coat- that’s a problem.

Which brings me to why I love Mr Christopher Columbus. Not only did the man accidentally set roots on this great continent, but his “discovery” translates to a day off work and deep discounts on retail products! Oh Columbus… how I love thee!

Today, E and I went to the outlet mall and bought a few necessities:

A bright orange rain “trench” coat… notice the fact that it wouldn’t cover my left arm…

..and wine glasses, just because they have a wonderful name.

No really, I bought neither of these items, but we did purchase a lot of good work winter clothes that I desperately needed. And, we stimulated the economy. We rock.

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