For those of you who are unaware, the District’s government bureaucracy is a bit intense. You would assume that the nation’s capitol would function a bit more efficiently, but there is an unending stream of paperwork to do anything in this town. I encountered it when I first moved here and had to hassle with getting a parking permit for my moving pod. It has gone downhill from there.

Since that time, I’ve received at least 3 parking tickets and have had to pay a lot of money to fix them. The fourth happened on the day of our Awards Dinner as I was picking up photos for the exhibit that evening. It was d-day and I found my car on a towing truck because I parked it in an area I shouldn’t have. I was so incredibly lucky to get it off the tow truck, only to be handed a $100 ticket. This was when I discovered a loophole:

If DC DMV doesn’t post your ticked on their Web site within 20 days of issuing the citation, it is void.

Yes, you heard me correctly : v-o-i-d. And, 20 days after the fact, I checked the Web site to find the ticket was not posted. Ultimate vindication came today as I hestiantly checked the Web site one more time to see the message “This ticket is null and void.”

How I love that phrase 🙂


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