Yesterday was a rough day for the K-State Challenge family. If you know Joel and Jess McClenahan or read any of the Challenge alum blogs, then you know the pain that they are going through. On Sunday, their sweet 10 month-old Cora Paige passed away fighting a battle with neuroblastoma. She was a beautiful girl who was loved and fervently prayed for.

I don’t know Joel and Jess as well as I would like to, but I’ve spent my lunch break reading the blogs of so many of my dear KS friends who attended Cora’s funeral yesterday. In each of them, you can hear the heartbreak and can’t help but feel it yourself. The tremendous pain is evident in all their stories. But what I also hear is how faithful and loving God is in all of this. I read about how strong Joel and Jess were at the funeral. I saw how God was taking this devastation and creating happiness through Cora’s future playground.

The beautiful part is that the God who heals was the same in the beginning as He will be tomorrow. My heart hurts for Joel, Jess, their family and the Challenge community that knew Cora. But, I am inspired how one little girl can make us all cling to God and worship Him more.

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To donate to Cora’s Playground, go to

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