The Inter-webbiness of our lives is insane. In elementary school, I remember when we got our first Apple MacIntosh computer. Aaaah, the floppy disks… Oregon Trail (I always died of typhus)…memories. Then, we moved onto more important technological things on our new PC, like Carmen SanDiego. Those were the days. Life was more simple then.

Now, we have social networking coming out our ears. I cannot count the number of accounts I have: Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and my unfinished Linked In account, among others. I still hold onto some sense of privacy – I pride myself that it truly is a treasure hunt to find me on Facebook. As I signed up for all of these, I thought that our generation was the best because we were so advanced in this area. So technologically savvy. I mean, I can’t build my own web site, but I have a blog – that counts, right? And surely, my parents will never figure out how to run this thing…much less see what I’m posting on all of these sites, right?

Wrong. I discovered I was incorrect when my mother found my blog and started following me on Twitter. She not only blogs, but also tweets (Who came up with these words, anyways? SERIOUSLY?!?!). I’m amazed that, sometimes, I can read enough about her life on her blog to catch me up for a few weeks. Of course, this doesn’t and shouldn’t replace the phone calls, but it makes life a bit more interesting (hint hint, mom… call me).

So, check out her blog… tell her I sent ya. Also, while you’re at it, check out Remember the Milk. It is a web application and organizational tool, helping those who can’t plan ahead to begin prioritizing tasks. You can add it as an app to your iPhone or iPod touch. I’m all for anything that helps disorganized individuals get back on track 🙂


  • Amanda says:

    My husband uses remember the milk all the time. So much so that he put it on my lap top and I have no idea how to use it. He’ll be excited you gave it a shout out!
    Oh, and I LOVED Oregon trail. John actually bought it for me a couple years ago. Ha!

  • copper2gold says:

    Oh sweet Lizard, I am honored with your words. You’re right baby girl! NOTHING replaces those precious phone calls we have (and I WILL call ya hopefully tomorrow). But it’s nice to be able to have the blogs and the tweets… keeps me just as in tune with your heart as yours tunes in with mine. And what a beautiful one yours is!

  • Todd says:

    Amy! Lost your email address, but found your blog again! Hit up Kim’s blog at for updates on Sarah Beth and otehr stuff going on in your old neck o’ the woods.

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