A few weeks ago, the Chesapeake Girls had a BBQ. Apparently, we were incredibly popular as people filed in and out from 1 – 11pm. My contributions were the veggies, burger fixins and sangria.

Now I don’t brag about much when it comes to food preparation. I do like to cook, but I can’t claim to be a top chef. I just follow the recipe. With this one, I’m bragging. Its GOOD!

So, here it is by popular demand….. sangria:

-3 bottles of white wine (I generally used red, and you can really combine the two depending on what you feel like. For white, I go with a couple chardonnays and a sauvignon blanc. For white, I go for pinot noir and a merlot or malbec).
-1 two-liter of ginger ale
-1/2- 3/4 cup of sugar
-Whatever fruit you want to put in it (I usually put strawberries, lemon, lime, and oranges)

-Cut up the fruit into wedges or smaller pieces
-Pour in the bottles of wine and sugar – it isn’t going to be sweet when you taste it then, but it will be the next day.
-Let it sit overnight, preferrably for 24 hrs
-About an hour before serving, pour in as much ginger ale as you want. Mix it really well

See.. it isn’t rocket science, is it? So, make a cold drink and enjoy the summer! If you’re ever in the area, I’m sure we’ll have it on hand for another bbq with these fun girls

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  • annaelyse says:

    so um. i had no idea you had a boy until i read janae's blog post about visiting you. um you guys are a-freaking-dorable! we need to catch up for real!

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