I don’t know about you, but I can easily name the best concerts I have attended. Each experience has made an indelible impression on me and I walk away in awe of their abilities and filled with musical creativity.

Last night’s acoustic concert with Mat Kearney was no exception. In fact, I think it made #2 of “Amy’s Top Concerts” list – and I saw him last fall at the 930 Club, too. Why was it such a memorable show?

  • It was set at Sixth and I Synagogue: Yup, that’s right, rockin out at a synagogue. Odd at first, but completely natural by the time it was all over.
  • Acoustic: Anytime an artist can entertain when all the band is stripped away, you know you have a gem performance.
  • Hilarity: Mat is great at getting the crowd hooked into his conversation. You can tell he has an internal dialogue that is always creating, thinking and being inspired by all that surrounds him. I cannot tell you how many times we all laughed at his one-liners.

The best part was listening to the core lyrics of Mat’s songs. Sometimes I listen to the album and get caught up in the repetition of hearing his songs over and over. Last night, I just stopped and understood the lyrics for what they were. Every sentence, every thought resonated with me – whether it was a moment in my past or present, I felt like Mat was speaking my thoughts and feelings.

That’s the beauty of great songwriters. Like Mat, they observe all details in life and speak to a certain situation. It doesn’t matter if it is as mundane as watching TV late at night – each moment in life is a chance to write a song and tell a bigger story.

Aaaah, I love listening to great live music! It is invigorating. Here is a clip from the show taken from the iPhone. If you listen closely, you can hear yours truly singing the melody line. Enjoy!


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