Last Tuesday was a monumental day for me.
You know how you have those experiences that you say “if I ever had the chance to do that, I would.” Those life opportunities that, for some reason or another, you find excuses so that they don’t happen.  I’ve done that with many things – overseas trips, incredible concerts, visits to great restaurants.
The American Idol audition was one of those unreachable goals, part of the “bucket list”.  I have always found excuses not to do try out, whether it was that I was working full-time or that the audition city was so far away. This year, I had no reason to not take the proverbial bull-by-the-horns and do it.
So, we arrived Tues. morning at 7am, like they told us. The moment we turned the corner, you could see and hear the throngs of excited hopefuls crowding the entrance to Gate A of the IZOD Center.
This is insane, I thought. Absolutely insane. What did I just get myself into?
We finally found a place to park and walked up to our Disney Golden Ticket check-in desk.  Within 15 minutes, we were escorted in the door and sitting in the arena, faster than the other 16,000 people waiting outside.  Let me just tell you… that is the best way to audition. Skipping the line is critical.
As everyone filed into the arena seats, the energy was electric.  Everyone was pumped to be there and living their dream as well.  And, the people-watching opportunities were endless.  Funny costumes, diva attitudes, and crazy hats filled the building.
After everyone got their seats and camera crews taped all the b-roll that they needed, we received audition instructions. Twelve bays were assembled on the arena floor and we were lined up in groups of four at each station.  You get 15-30 seconds to belt it out and give it your best shot. (Its always amazing to me how life-changing events boil down to 15-30 seconds.) When you sing, you don’t really get a chance to hear yourself because you can hear the hopeful to your left and right  belting out their own song at the top of their lungs.
We were the first group to audition and our producers cut all of us, but we all smiled and walked away to our “fans”.
In 2 1/2 hours, the process was over but I was happy with the result. Honestly, I’d rather do publicity and artist management than be an artist myself, although I would love to write songs with anyone who is interested!
For me, the auditions really didn’t mean that I wanted to be the next American Idol. I just wanted to do that one thing that my heart yearned to do for such a long time: take a risk and live the dream.  Thanks so much for being a part of it! Pictures and video coming soon.


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