I have wanted a dog for so long. I grew up with dogs, especially bigger dogs that shed a lot and were eager for walks. My best friend growing up was a Golden Retriever named Max. He was an absolute love and set the bar for any dog I would ever own.

So imagine my slight disappointment when I realized that I’d never own a dog when I lived in Washington, D.C. It just wasn’t fair – to me or the dog. I worked late nights and, at most, I lived in a 700 square foot condo. D had a similar love of dogs growing up (we have a pic of his favorite childhood dog), and so he promised that we’d get one once we moved to Seattle.

In March, after a heartbreaking home visit for another puppy who wasn’t to be ours, I found this picture:

Cosmo Puppy


Those EYES! 

Obviously, I fell in love. In fact, I submitted an application before asking D if it was a good idea. I might have also done a little Facebook/website stalking to indicate my love for this puppy before ever meeting him.

A few weeks later, we welcomed Cosmo into our homes and hearts. He is a husky mix, and even though we’re not sure what he’s mixed with, we think it is either a Golden Retriever or a German Shephard. He has the sweetest disposition and is a very obedient, sensitive animal. The wolf in him wants to play and bite quite often, which has ruined a few of D’s shirts. (He claims that it’s worth it.)

We found Cosmo through Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue, a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that flies adoptable puppies from high-kill shelters in Georgia to Seattle for adoption. In our search, we discovered it was difficult to find puppies in Seattle because residents strictly adhere to the spay and neuter laws. Local organizations sponsor pups to come to Seattle. Cosmo and his sister were sponsored by Orion Eye Center in Bend, Ore., and we were so grateful to them that we kept the name that they gave him.

We’ve had Cosmo for six months and he’s grown to about 50 pounds! He’s also a fan of snuggling on the couch after a long day of protecting the house and chewing on his toys. We can’t wait for more adventures with this little (big) guy!

CosmoCosmo at 6 months

Play Cosmo the ferocious Day 1

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