Shining a light on a community that gave more than $5 million to nonprofit organizations by giving more money.

Glassybaby, a mission-driven company dedicated to being a healing light to their community, reached a huge milestone: $5 million in giving to nonprofit organizations across the nation. To celebrate, we threw two parties to bring the community together and fund causes they care deeply about.

In one 24-hour span, two Glassybaby communities raised more than $500,000 as they gathered in two West Coast cities. In Seattle, they gathered to light their signature “GiveMe5” votives on the I-90 bridge as the sun rose over Mount Rainier. In San Francisco, they flooded the San Francisco Ferry Building landing with light as the sun set.


  • Event Planning
  • Project Management
  • Communications Strategy
  • Media Relations
  • Non-profit Outreach


  • $500,000 raised by both events
  • More than 10K attendees
  • More than 2M media impressions

Bright Results

Two Communities, One Heart

By gathering more than 10,000 people, Glassybaby donated $100,000 immediately to local non-profits who were gathered, earmarking the remaining money for future larger grants for community-directed groups.

Sharing the Mission

Media coverage garnered 2M impressions for both events, spanning across broadcast, newspaper and trade magazines for those top tier markets.

“Thank you for showing us the illumination that a community of glowing light can bring.”

Jacqueline Rush Foundation